Treatment Price
Eyebrow tint      £10
Eyebrow tint & Wax      £16
Eyelash tint £15
Eye lash perm (inc hand massage)     £30
Lash Lifting £30
Cluster Lashes
To help give the appearance of longer and thicker lashes but more of natural look when compared to individuals, last up to 7 days.
Nouveau Individual lashes
Professionally applied lash extensions giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume. With regular maintenance can last up tp 8 weeks.
Nouveau Infills                                                                               £25


Treatment Price
Day or evening make up £25
Bridemaids make up    £30
Bridal make up trial        £35
Bridal makeup £70
Bridal make up inc fake lashes (1hour 10mins )       £76
Hair up on day        £65
Hair Up Trial       £40


Semi Permanent Make Up

Ombre Eyebrows                                     £250
Brush Stroke Eyebrows                          £250

Anti Wrinkle Treatment                                                      

Commonly known as Botox this treatment can be used to reduce the sign of fine lines and wrinkles. Can also be used to raise up eyebrows or reduce frowning and excessive sweating.

1 Area                                                                                           £175

2 Areas                                                                                         £240

3 Areas                                                                                         £295

Dermal Fillers                                                                          

Facial Enhancements using a range of Juvaderm products administered by a professional contact us to book your free consultation

Lip Enhancement                                                                     From £195

Cheek Enhancement                                                                From £350


Advanced Skin Treatments

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